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Consultation and Outreach

and The National Registry of Historic Places

On December 27, 2001, The Kansas State Historical Society stated their position that Haskell Indian Nations University and the Baker University Wetlands should be included as a district in the National Register of Historic Places. Click the link below to view the document.
Kansas Historical Society Document (416k).

In addition to this letter, the Brockington Report was released documenting the study to determine the eligibility of Haskell Indian Nations University and the Baker Wetlands for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. Click the link below to review this report in a new window.
Brockington Report

After the release of this report, The U.S Army Corps of Engineers sent the following items in a packet to approximately 565 federally recognized Native American tribes and other interested parties. The Corps’ goal is to gain feedback for use in preparation of the EIS for the South Lawrence Trafficway.

Items included in the packet:
Letter on the proposed Haskell Institute Historic District (545k)
(may require longer download time; please be patient)
Concept alignments map (326k) |
Overview Map (191k) |
List of packet recipients (51k)

South Lawrence Trafficway Telephone Survey Findings
In January, ETC Institute conducted a phone survey of 1200 households in Douglas and portions of Johnson and Shawnee Counties. To view the survey results, select one of the following:
Report Summary (15k) |
Questions 1-10 (208k) |
Questions 10-20 (362k)

Key conclusions of the study include:

  • Travel in the Topeka-Lawrence-Johnson County corridor is a regional priority. In other words, travel in this corridor is a regional transportation issue, not "just a Lawrence problem."
  • Congestion and safety concerns are increasing. For a majority of survey respondents, addressing to safety and congestion concerns were their top priorities and reason enough to complete the SLT.
  • Regardless of where they live, residents think preservation of the environment should be a key issue in determining the location and types of improvements to K-10 through Lawrence.
  • Respondents ranked the top issues in similar order regardless of where they lived.