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Cultural Resources

Historical Eligibility Issues
The following downloads require the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

On December 27, 2001, The Kansas State Historical Society stated their position that Haskell Indian Nations University and the Baker University Wetlands should be included as a district in the National Register of Historic Places. Click the link below here to view the document.
Kansas Historical Society Document (416k).

Additionally, KDOT has released a report titled "Documentation and Recommendations Concerning Determination of Eligibility For the National Register of Historic Places of Haskell Indian Nations University and the Baker Wetlands" ("The Brockington Report"). Click the link below to view the entire report in a new window.
Brockington Report

Project Area Tour
The South Lawrence Trafficway project team considered the potential impacts of the new South Lawrence Trafficway on places of interest in the project area. Some of these places are historic or potentially historic according to the Kansas State Historical Society; others are local landmarks. To view some of these places, go to our interactive Project Area Tour or the Project Area Text Version.