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Concept Map

The following alignment concepts were developed to allow engineers and planners to consider in greater detail the potential benefits and consequences of various designs for the South Lawrence Trafficway. These concepts also allowed for more detailed consideration of how the South Lawrence Trafficway might interface with city and county road networks and how engineers and planners could respond to concerns voiced by nearby neighborhoods. The 12 concepts were subject to change as input was received from local government and the public.
32nd Street Alignment B is the selected alignment for a future South Lawrence Trafficway.

View an enlarged version (370k). Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Maps will appear in a new window.
Concept Map

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In addition to the above concepts, KDOT considered a No Build concept, examining what would happen in the corridor if none of the 12 proposed concepts were adopted. Click the button below to view the map representing the No Build concept.

No-Build Concept Map button