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View the Regional Map of metro areas affected by the South Lawrence Trafficway project (184k). Map will appear in a new window.

The South Lawrence Trafficway represents the missing piece in the otherwise highly efficient system connecting the economic, educational and residential centers of southern Johnson county, Lawrence, Topeka and surrounding areas.

Two major roadways connect these communities: K-10 and the Kansas Turnpike. Both are high-speed, four-lane freeways carrying much of the traffic that fuels the economy of northeastern Kansas safely and efficiently.

But to transition between K-10 and the Kansas Turnpike, drivers must use Lawrence city streets. This poor connection not only slows down traffic, it contributes to air quality problems and increases the likelihood of an accident on the streets of Lawrence.

KDOT has an obligation to make the Kansas transportation system function safely and efficiently, and to weigh the environmental and cultural consequences of the South Lawrence Trafficway project. KDOT takes these obligations seriously. An environmental impact study was conducted to assess the potential impacts of the project and offer measures to minimize or balance the effects of the new road.